"Not since Huber and Banbery has there been a sequel in content and thoughtful inclusion regarding the holy grail of traditional Swiss watchmaking. Now there is with John Reardon's book ‘Patek Philippe in America.’ This documentation of the marketing and presence of Patek Philippe in America is a wonderfully binding read.  Reardon's un-bridled access to Patek's copious records has produced a reference of timeless and endless fascination. This work of exquisite documentation is a must if you love Patek Philippe. It is a delight from beginning to end."


Kim Owen, Shreveport, Louisiana

"John Reardon has produced a truly enjoyable publication that is different from everything else I read about Patek Philippe. I have been a collector of not only Patek Philippe, but literature on Patek Philippe. I thoroughly enjoy reading about the technical nature of these fine masterpieces and love learning about how they work and are produced. Rarely had I given so much thought to the marketing and particular phenomena of Patek Philippe in America. Mr. Reardon has produced a wonderful history and presented it in a thoroughly entertaining fashion. Without hesitation I can state that his fund of knowledge is extraordinary and I savored the opportunity to trace the history of Patek Philippe in America. The history he presents along with the wonderful ads and the insights he gives us into the personalities of Patek collectors adds immensely to the body of knowledge about Patek Philippe. Without hesitation I highly recommend this volume to all lovers of fine watches in general and Patek Philippe."


George S., New York, New York

"Patek Philippe In America, lovingly written by watch expert John Reardon is a book that will delight and inform all watch collectors from novice to the most knowledgeable. It is on the one hand, an art book that offers up a beautiful cornucopia of watch images and period ads, many of which contain the original prices. For the serious scholar, it is additionally a treatise detailing the history of the Patek Philippe company and the evolution of the most highly coveted watches in the world. Whether one has yet to acquire a Patek Philippe watch or owns a hundred (or more), this book offers the opportunity to enhance one’s appreciation of some of the rarest and most beautiful watches ever produced. The company slogan: ‘You never really own a Patek Philippe. You merely take care of it for the next generation’, can equally apply to this extraordinary book."


Daniel R. Warner, New York, New York

"An amazing history of the building of a brand.  The consistency and imagination of the message is perfect.  John Reardon captures the essence of what makes a Patek, a Patek.


Jeffrey Bartley, President deBoulle Diamond and Jewelry, Dallas, Texas


"John Reardon's new book ‘Patek in America’ is a must have for anyone that has a passion for Patek Philippe and in particular, Patek Philippe's business in America. It is well written with great archival photography often accompanied by the original prices. The book is much more than that though. We are regaled with tales about some of the higher profile clients that collected Patek Philippe complicated and grand complicated timepieces. We get a glimpse of the philosophy of Patek Philippe and how they conduct their business in America. There is information on some Patek Philippe luminaries, such as Henri Stern, Werner Sonn, Philippe Stern and many others. This book is an absolute must have for anyone who is a Patek Philippe collector or aficionado. I've read it twice since I received my copy!"

Rob Watkins, Scottsdale, Arizona

"Highly recommended for anyone who is also interested in the perspective of a true Patek Philippe insider.  The author, John Reardon, has been with the Stern Agency for several years and invested enormous person time into creating this book.  Previous Patek books I have acquired have been centered around the timepieces while John writes about the evolution of Patek in America, the business/marketing side along with many wonderful stories about prestigious collectors.  There are of course several pictures and in-depth commentary on the toys of course."

C. K., Boston, Massachusetts

"This extraordinary book is a must read for any watch enthusiast especially American collectors.  The book opens the world of Patek Philippe in a way I've never before seen.  It kept me interested with all the stories and pictures so much so that I couldn't stop reading it.  It's more than just a book, it's a piece of art."

Jonathan Zadok, Zadok Jewelers, Houston, Texas